James Chapman lives in Georgia just south of Atlanta with his wife Brenda. They have two children. Brenda shares his love for nature and nature photography.

They are charter members of Georgia Nature Photography Association.

The Chapmans’ do most of their photography in south central Georgia at Wild River Plantation and along the emerald coast near Destin, FL.

The central Georgia property has an abundant selection of wildlife including trophy deer, bobcat, coyotes, wild hog, armadillo, squirrels and rabbit to name a few. There is also a large selection of birds including a rookery where many specie of wading birds nest each year. All of the wildlife are eager to pose for your camera.

Starting in 2011 James intends to start offering photo and video safaris for nature photographers. There will be trips offered for the beginner and experienced pro alike. We are busy preparing the property with game blinds and special features to insure a memorable experience for the photographer.

Thank you for stopping by our website. We hope to meet you in the future on one of our safaris.

James Chapman

James Leonard Chapman

Nature Photographer